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2021 updates

Already the end of January and the first month of the year has kicked off with a lot of things happening at DigiExam. In this post The Product team at DigiExam would like to share some insights to the roadmap epics for 2021 and some information on where we will no longer support certain browser- or client versions in the future.


Let us start with the roadmap epics (an epic is usually a big new feature or improvement to the product) that we are planning to release during 2021. There are mainly four that I want to bring up since they will impact our users a lot. We’ll get into more detail in coming posts about each epic and what it will mean from a user perspective. I also want to add that this is not all we plan on doing, there are also minor features and improvements, bug fixes and so on that will be released throughout the year. The best way to stay informed and on top of things is through our blog and the release notes coming out with each release (link to news page in our knowledge center).

1. Account manager role update

This will be a huge time saver for schools that will now be able to administer their student accounts themselves instead of sending in lists and support tickets to our customer support. On top of that account managers, teachers and administrators will get better searchability using the student search.

  • The account manager will be able to create student accounts
  • The account manager will be able to delete empty student accounts (that have not yet started an exam)
  • Improved student search
  • Search, find and add existing students to your class automatically

2. Client authentication

With authentication in the DigiExam client the security during exams will be higher. It will also be possible for students to get to their exams directly from being logged in on the DigiExam web application by clicking a launch button. This will automatically open the DigiExam desktop client or app and log you in. No need to open the DigiExam client manually anymore, especially nice for SSO users who can now login to DigiExam through their SSO and launch directly.

  • Login with e-mail address and password in the DigiExam client
  • Login to the DigiExam client through a launch button in the web application

3. Migrate from Chrome App to Android App

Google is removing the possibility to use Chrome Apps (announcement from Google here) on ChromeOS in June 2021. This affects DigiExam since the app used on Chromebooks is a Chrome app. This means that we need to move away from the Chrome app to one of the alternatives that works on ChromeOS which is used for Chromebooks. So, what we will do is to build an Android App that will work for Chromebooks, this is not entirely without consequences though. Here are some things that our users need to know:

  • Note that Android apps will not work on all Chromebook models that were launched before 2019. Check that your model is supported here.

4. Change editor in the DigiExam client

We will replace the current editor in the DigiExam client to an editor that is provided by Froala. It has already been used by teacher when creating exams for some time now. It can be tested here if you don’t have a teacher account in DigiExam. This is one step on the way to improve the user experience for students during exams.

Some of the features to look forward to:

  • Full screen mode
  • Possibility to use different fonts
  • For modern languages, special characters are selectable from menu and via shortcut keys

What is being removed

Here is a summary of what has been removed and what will be removed in the future.

What will be removed? Announced Removal
Chrome App for Chromebooks . 2020-01-24 TBD (Latest June 2021)
Internet explorer (all versions) 2019-12-19 2020-02-01
Client versions EU server:
11.4.4: Windows
11.4.6: Windows
12.1.2: ChromeOS
2020-01-09*   2020-01-09
Client versions EU server:
12.1.2: macOS
12.1.2: Windows
2020-01-10* 2020-01-10
Client versions US server:
12.1.2: iOS
12.1.2: ChromeOS
2020-01-10* 2020-01-10

* The client version(s) was removed on the same day as announcement since the usage was so low on those versions that there were little to no impact. When we remove versions that still have significant usage, we will announce it at least a month before removing the version and contact the schools that still uses the versions.